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As I departed the area I had spent a tremendous amount of time, my friend (an intelligent, wisecrack of a Greek philosophy student) turned from the pool table he had so often occupied the past 6 weeks. A look of seriousness crept across his face as he reached for my hand and removed the cigarette from his tobacco stained teeth. A man we had deemed “Crazy George” upon our first encounter with him was now conspicuously missing his usual devilish smirk and looking at me with strangely serious eyes. Reality began to rear its ugly head and I tried not to entertain the inescapable truth that I would probably never see Crazy George or this place ever again. Philosophical conversations over coffee and self rolled cigarettes were a thing of the past as the page of my life was turning over once again- Crazy George and my time in Greece among the philosophers left in the previous chapter. As this realization crept over me, I looked again at George. “Never stop thinking Kevin, never stop thinking…”

Maybe it wasn’t quite that epic, but it was still a cool moment in my life. I realize time wasted on futile, watered down “thinking” is almost painful to endure, much less entertaining and/or thought provoking. Most people never truly think. They may think that they think, but they don’t think. The purpose of this blog is to honor what Crazy George helped me see and understand. “Never stop thinking”. We should challenge every idea, thought, text, claim of truth that we come in contact with.

I don’t claim to be a great philosophical mind, or one who is liberated from metaphysical limits of logic. This blog is simpy a resource to help me chew on ideas, throw them up into a form of text, and clean them up/organize them. I want to know what I believe and why I believe it, while glorifying God with the avoidance of stagnation and grasping the resources he’s placed for our use.


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